UN Comtrade Database

Free access to all of the trade data available in the UN Comtrade database. The UN Comtrade database contains more than 3.1 billion trade records starting from 1962.


UN Comtrade Labs

A place to showcase innovative and experimental uses of UN Comtrade data. Explore visualizations of huge volume of data and metadata, cutting-edge data extraction tools, and alternative dissemination platforms.

Legacy interfaces

Legacy interfaces to annual and monthly data are still available. We encourage users who don't hold a premium account to use the new consolidated interface.

Premium Access

There are occasions when a user may require premium service to obtain trade data. These could include bulk download of millions of records or special professional assistance. In this regard, a fee will be charged to cover the costs of providing such services.

UN Comtrade offers three premium tiers with varying records per query limits.


International Trade Statistics Yearbook

The International Trade Statistics Yearbook is issued in two volumes which are prepared at different points of the year. Volume I - Trade by Country is compiled in the first half of the year to allow for an advanced release of an overview of international merchandise trade in the previous year and for a much earlier publication of the available country (area) data. Volume II – Trade by Commodity contains the detailed tables showing international trade in main commodity groups and is finalized approximately six months after the completion of Volume I as the preparation of those tables requires additional country data which, normally, become available later in the year. Volume II contains also updated versions of the two world trade tables published in Volume I.

Monthly Bulletin of Statistics Tables

Analytical trade tables containing trade values and indices for countries (areas) and regions on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Annual Totals Table

The Annual Totals Table (ATT) provides annual totals of imports and exports for all countries beginning with the year 2000 for which such data are available for publication.

Historical data (1900-1960)

Access and references to historical merchandise trade data for the years 1900-1960 to the extent that such information is available.


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