Welcome to the beta trade data extraction interface!

Right now this is still a beta interface, we want you to tell us how to improve it. To begin with you won't be able to login, and results are limited to 50,000 records. As of June, the entire site is powered by an open API and both monthly and annual data are publicly accessible. Keep an eye out for other new features being added based on your feedback!

Batch and very large query support is currently only available via the legacy interface for annual data.
We are working to add these services to the new interface as well.

1. Frequency

2. Classification

Monthly datasets may mix codes from multiple HS revisions and are provided as is except for standardization of trade flow and partner information, as well as conversion to U.S. dollars.

3. Select desired data

All or a valid period. Up to 5 may be selected.
All or a valid reporter. Up to 5 may be selected. All may only be used if a partner is selected.
World, All, or a valid reporter. Up to 5 may be selected. All may only be used if a reporter is selected.
All or select multiple trade flows.
All, Total, AG[X] or a valid code. Up to 20 may be selected. If you know the code number, e.g. 01 - Live animals, type 01. To search by description type a word, e.g. rice.

4. See the results

Issues opening CSV in Excel? See this Microsoft how-to.

5. Preview ()

Estimated quantity/netweight shown in italics.

Flag refers to quantity/netweight estimation:

0 = no estimation, 2 = quantity, 4 = netweight, 6 = both quantity and netweight