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The International Trade Statistics Yearbook (ITSY) of the United Nations Statistics Division/ Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

2012 International Trade Statistics Yearbook

Volume II - Trade by Commodity

The 2012 International Trade Statistics Yearbook, Volume II- Trade by Commodity provides information on the world trade in 2012 of individual commodities (3-digit SITC groups) and eleven world trade tables covering trade values and indices up to the year 2012 …(more)

(Made available on 12 December 2013)

Table of Contents

The new yearbook
Concepts and definitions of International Merchandise Trade Statistics
Sources and Presentation
Description of world trade tables of part 1 (Tables A to K)
Description of commodity tables and graphs of part 2
Abbreviations and Explanation of symbols
Disclaimer, UN Comtrade Subscription information, Contact

Part 1 World Trade Tables
Total imports and exports by regions and countries or areas in U.S. dollars (Table A)
Total imports and exports by countries or areas in national currency (Table B)
External trade conversion factors (Table C)
World exports by provenance and destination in U.S. dollars (Table D)
Growth of world exports by provenance and destination (Table E)
Structure of world exports by provenance and destination (Table F)
Indices of total exports and imports by countries or areas (Table G)
Indices of total exports and imports by regions (Table H)
Indices and values of manufactured goods exports (Table I)
Indices and values of fuel imports - Developed economies (Table J)
Some indicators on fuel imports - Developed economies (Table K)

Part 2 Commodity Trade Profiles
Commodity Trade Profiles for 3-digit groups of the SITC, Rev. 3


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