UN Comtrade - beta interface release notes

December 2016

  • Bulk download interface

    This is a dedicated interface to query the availability of bulk data files (Only for premium users). Please refer Bulk download

  • User authentication interface

    A new interface for users to authenticate themselves to access bulk data files. Please refer Login

  • MBS trade data API

    New MBS trade data APIs added. Please refer API portal

  • SSL

    In order to improve the secuirty, Comtrade is now running under SSL protocol https://comtrade.un.org. All calls to http://comtrade.un.org will be redirected to https://comtrade.un.org.

September 2016

  • API portal

    The portal is where the details of the availabile APIs in comtrade can be explored.

  • Swagger

    "Swagger is a simple and powerful representation of RESTful APIs." This interface can be used to test all comtrade APIs on the fly. The docs can be found here.
    The APIs can be tested here

  • Authentication tokens

    Authentication tokens to access premium services can be obtained from this new interface itself. Please visit API portal for details

  • Data availability APIs

    We have added new APIs to obtain the availability information of comtrade data and bulk files. Please visit API portal for more details

  • Data availability trends

    A new page is added to visualize the trends of data availability. Please visit here

  • API features

    API features and the access limitations are updated. Please visit API portal for more details.

  • API error handling

    The errors are streamlined to return a standard message in case of 500 type response (Internal server error). This will help client applications to identify the error and report it to us seamlessly.

April 2016

  • Trade in Services bulk API access

March 2016

  • Trade in Services data available in the web interface
  • Trade in Services data available via the API

November 2015

October 2014

  • Bug fix: API parameter ps=now works for monthly data
  • Added API option ps=recent

June 2014

  • Monthly data available in the web interface
  • Data extraction API released to public
  • Monthly data available via the API
  • IE 8 now supported (core functionality, some features will not be supported / will look different)

April 2014

  • Enhancements to improve site speed & stability

March 2014

  • Feedback & bug report forms added
  • Improved mobile browser support

February 2014

  • Initial release