AIS: Trade Volume

World Seaborne Trade in Real Time: A Proof of Concept for Building AIS-based Nowcasts from Scratch. Please cite these estimates as: Cerdeiro, Komaromi, Liu and Saeed (2020); AIS data collected by MarineTraffic; available at UN COMTRADE Monitor. The underlying data can be downloaded from AIS Trade Volume Data Query Interface.

AIS: Weekly Port Calls

The dashboard is a collaborative initiative between the UN Statistical Division (, the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford ( within the context of the AIS Task Team work programme ( It aims to monitor weekly port calls from around 1200 ports based on AIS datasets available at the UN Global Platform. This data can be used as a proxy to measure the impact of any disruptions (including COVID-19) to economic activities because only ships contributing to economic activities are included in the port calls. Learn more: AIS Description, AIS Task Team, and Methodology, Source and Limitation.

UN Comtrade: Monthly Trade Data

This dashboard is to provide an overview of recent trade data from UN Comtrade, including possible impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the structure, composition, and other characteristics of international trade. The objective is to facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of the current trade situation for rapid, evidence-based interventions and decision making. The dashboard includes up-to-date monthly data and especially compared to the previous years' periods. Specific detailed data can be accessed at See more on Background and Methodology.

ICAO: Operational Impact

ICAO: Economic Impact