AIS Monitor

Within the context of the Task Team on AIS data of Big Data Global Working Group work programme, UNSD and the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford have developed a [prototype] dashboard to monitor weekly [experimental] port calls from around 1200 ports based on AIS datasets available at the UN Global Platform. This data can be used as a proxy to measure the impact of any disruptions (including COVID-19) to economic activities because only ships contributing to economic activities are included in the port calls. See the description of AIS, activities of the Task Team, and Source, Methodology and Limitation.

UN Comtrade Monitor

This dashboard is to provide an overview of recent trade data from UN Comtrade, including possible impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the structure, composition, and other characteristics of international trade. The objective is to facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of the current trade situation for rapid, evidence-based interventions and decision making. The dashboard includes up-to-date monthly data and especially compared to the previous years' periods. Specific detailed data can be accessed at .