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Free access to BACI database and WITS (for Site License subscriber)

BACI database is an international trade database from CEPII covering more than 200 countries and 5,000 products, between 1994 and 2007. Original procedures have been developed to reconcile data reported by almost 150 countries to the United Nations Statistics Division, which disseminate them via UN COMTRADE. When both exporting and importing countries do report, we have two different figures for the same flow, which is useful to reconcile in a single figure. Firstly, as import values are reported CIF (cost, insurance and freight) and the exports are reported FOB (free on board), CIF costs have to be estimated and removed from imports values to compute FOB import values. The second step is an evaluation of the reliability of country reporting, based on the reporting distances among partners. These reporting qualities are used as weights in the reconciliation of each bilateral trade flow twice reported. Taking advantage of this double information on each flow, we end up with a large coverage of countries not reporting at a given level of the product classification.

World Bank's World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS) is a simple to use yet powerful software which gives access to trade and tariff related statistical information; includes some simulation and analysis tools. Trade flows and tariff data can be extracted to be used in self-contained analysis and simulation tools or to be further computed outside WITS in spreadsheet or statistical software. In addition to Comtrade, WITS allows access to the following major trade flow & tariff databases: UNCTAD TRAINS and the WTO IDB and CTS. UN Comtrade Site License subscriber may access Comtrade database through WITS application.

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