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All UN Comtrade related dissemination sites will be gradually upgraded in 2018 to take advantage of new data items and features. Please visit this link to see all the details.

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Free Download of Trade Data

Free Access to UN Comtrade

Each and every user has free access to all of the data available in the UN Comtrade database. For technical reasons there is a download limit of 50,000 records per data query, but there is no limit on the number of data queries a user can do. This limitation will be relaxed further, as the technical computing capacity is expanded. For background information, please read the full announcement.

To assist special categories of users, the download limit of 50,000 records has been lifted for:

- Registered institutional users (academic institutions, governmental and inter-governmental agencies, NGOs) from developing countries included in the IDA list.
- Data provider institutions
- Permanent missions to the United Nations
- Members of the Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities (CCSA)

For this, registration is required and you can email your request to  or fax it to 1-917-367-5106.

Key features of UN Comtrade available to all users are:

- Comtrade Explorer. Enter country name, commodity or year and this data mining tool will give an instant overview of data you are looking for. Thereafter, you can dig for more refined data.
-UN Comtrade Knowledge Base. This is a repository of background information on UN Comtrade. It explains the functionalities, the concepts behind the data, why imports and exports differ, and the answers to some frequently asked questions
- Community Forum. Users have instant online support via the UN Comtrade Knowledge Base. In addition, there is peer-to-peer support via UN Comtrade Community Forum, where you can post questions or share your own experience.
- Support. If you are still left with questions, then there is a single point of contact, namely

Premium Access Service

It is recognized that certain users may wish to have the capability to download amounts of data above the limit of 50,000 records (bulk download of millions of records or data streaming via web services), to save queries on the system, to make their own country or commodity groups and save those on the system as well, to customize download layout or to schedule the execution of certain queries at regular intervals. For such users, premium access service to UN Comtrade has been created. Since such service taxes more heavily on the system and requires additional storage space, this service does not come free of charge. If you are interested in obtaining premium access service, please visit the UN Publication web site at or email

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