The EUROTRACE software package that was originally developed by Eurostat as generic data management system, but it is now used mostly by trade statisticians to compile International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS). It is composed of two main software modules: a data editor (EUROTRACE Editor) and a data base management system (EUROTRACE DMBS), and supplemented by Eurostat Comext Data Browser/Dissemination. The package was released an open source software in March 2014. There are more than 90 countries in various regions that use EUROTRACE in the compilation of IMTS.

As an open source software, EUROTRACE can be improved and deployed by various stakeholders without specific request for permission. However, this can lead to multiple versions, especially when two or more organisations working on similar modules. Therefore, it's important for the users of EUROTRACE to coordinate closely among each other, in order to avoid duplication of efforts and increase re-usability of components. Furthermore, it’s crucial that features of EUROTRACE to strike the balance between the needs of countries and global programme on trade statistics.

This website was created to share the latest news of EUROTRACE in the areas of technical development, coordinations and capacity building.

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Eurotrace User Community

In February 2016, UNSD, Eurostat, African Union, CARICOM, COMESA, ECOWAS and other interested parties decided to form EUROTRACE User Community (EUROTRACE-UC). The main golas of this user community are as follows:

  • To identify common issues and agree on setting the priority on features for improvement and addition
  • To maintain list of issues including the status of resolution
  • To fulfill the needs of training and capacity building in countries by pooling available resourses

    The User Community has open membership to those currently using or planning to use EUROTRACE in the foreseeable future and/or to those that are seriously interested in its development; however, international organisations such as UNSD, COMESA, ECOWAS, AUC, ASEAN, EUROSTAT, CARICOM, and UNCTAD will be acting as catalysts to ensure continuous improvement of EUROTRACE and active participation of the user community. The user community will take its decisions in the spirit of consensus and cooperation.

    The secretariat of EUROTRACE-UC will be decided by the members of User Community and will rotate every two years. The first secretariat starting in 2016 will be UNSD. The secretariat serves to provide support for well-functioning coordination among the members, such as conducting regular meetings, maintaining issues log, and establishing communication with relevant stakeholders, etc.

    Join the community by filling up Eurotrace User Community Interest Form.

    See Terms of Reference of the user community.

  • Latest development

  • 2016 global assessment on EUROTRACE (April 2016)
  • Compilation of common issues and features for improvement (January 2016) replaced by Trello Eurotrace user Community