Application Version Information

Beta Version 1.04, Released 4 June 2013

Enabled the saving and reloading of queries, as well as direct download to file. Removed login requirement for queries returning 1,000 records or less. Default page for Monthly Comtrade changed from Data Release Page to Browse Data page.

Beta Version 1.03, Released 28 August 2012

Changes were made to the appearance of the growth rates table.

Beta Version 1.02, Released 26 July 2012

The download limit was increased from 1,000 records per query to 5,000 records per query, and time series graphing was added to the "Data Release Info" page and the "Browse Data" tab.

Beta Version 1.01, Released 23 February 2012

Initial release at a side-event at the 2012 United Nations Statistical Commission.